Permission to Launch Summit:  Enabling Career Women to Step Out and Create Businesses They Love

Permission Granted to Live Success Your Way!

Top women CEOs, founders and business launch experts reveal how you too can increase your confidence to step out and build a profitable business that you will love.

...without the pain of confusing systems and programs

Event Dates:  October 27 - 29, 2020
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Permission to Launch Summit
The Permission to Launch Summit is a 3-day event that is designed especially for women who want to :
own their time create a business that is aligned with who they are what they VALUE, and one that  enables them to be financially FREE and FULFILLED.  

Each day of the Summit focuses on a different  theme:
 Day 1 is about granting ourselves permission.  
We'll talk with the experts about what it really takes to grant ourselves permission to do something            new.
 Day 2 focuses on mastering money, choosing your niche and launching your business.  
Industry experts who have built multi-million dollar businesses will talk about money mindsets,                    proven approaches to test your ideas fast and strategies to scale your business. 
 Day 3 is all about branding, marketing and selling.  
The experts will share how to create irresistible offers, explain the framework for an effective                personal brand, and talk about ways to use social media to sell products and services.  

“The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out 
of our history and past so that we can live our dreams.” 
― Oprah Winfrey

Why Should You Attend the 
Permission to Launch Summit?

It's 100% Online and it's Flexible. You  Choose the Order in Which You Want to Watch the Interviews Each Day.

It's FREE and It's Super Valuable Content!  
A Great Return On Your Investment.

Valuable Training, Inspiring Stories and Incredible Ideas Shared by Women Who Understand What's Its Like to Step Out Reinvent Yourself and Launch a Business.

Day 1 : Granting Yourself Permission

All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).

Resilience Strategies to Transform Your Life

Ana-Christina Hicks
Career-Resilience Specialist and Reset Coach

Stop Pretending: Strategies to Give Yourself Permission to Pivot

Jacquelyn Johnson
CEO, Breaking Point Coaching and Consulting

Secrets from an Actor to
Overcome Self Doubt 

Michele Baldwin
Actor, Producer, Director

The One Thing: Reach Your Full Potential & Love Life Even More

Rhino Julie
CEO and Owner, Rhino Gyms

Don't Slay Dragons. Befriend
Them to Win

Sumaiya Wood
Transformational Life Coach

5 Tools to Help Entrepreneurs Work Smarter Not Harder

Celeste Purdie
Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author

Why Now is the Best Time
to Start Your Business

Heather Schooler-Mathis 
Founder, The Money Library

Mindset Shifts Needed to Pivot and Reinvent Yourself

Carolina Lopez Saglietti
CEO Founder of 6 Companies

Day 2 : Mastering Money, Choosing a Niche & Launching

All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).

Strategies to Nail Your Niche
and Launch

Julia Winston
CEO and Leadership Strategist at Brave Leadership Consulting

Make Money Now: Create Automated Revenue Online

 Kimberly Hobscheid
Founder, Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel

Challenges: The Fastest Way to Your First 200 Customers  

Krista Francis
Founder, Girls with Guitars

Multi-Millionaire Money Mindsets Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know  

LaShawne Holland
CEO, Holland & Holland Enterprises

Foundations to Grow and Scale Your Business at Every Level

Cade Abelard
Serial Entrepreneur, Market & Operations Strategist

5 Strategies to Build and Monetize Your Business on YouTube

Rebekah Aramini Lupo
Entrepreneur, Owner of 3 Wellness Series on YouTube 

Let Your Dream Customer Guide You to a Money-Making Launch

Bridgette Campbell
Champion Level Network Marketer and Clickfunnels Expert

Your Network Holds the Key to Your Million Dollar Business

 Patty Camme,
Marketing Mentor for Direct Sales Company  Million-Dollar Team Sales

Strategies to Make
Your Money Flow

Anna Sergunina
CEO, Mainstreet Financial Planning

Day 3: Branding, Marketing, Selling

All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).

Smart Strategies to Create an Irresistible Online Presence

Lisa Maria
CEO, Freed Spirit Collective

Turn How You Show Up into Your Super Power

 Michele Gustafson
CEO, Hue and Style

A Winning Combination: Organic and Paid Traffic

Angela Florez
CEO, Cold to Sold Machine

The Personal Branding Framework Every Supergirl Needs 

Jeanne McPhillips
Founder, Supergirlls,

Benefits of Using Media to Accelerate Amplify Your Brand

Theresa Goss
CEO, Producer and Host of Expert Talk with TGO

Ignite Your Business with the Right Social Media Strategies

Julia Seraphine
Social Media Strategist and Advisor

5 Lessons I Learned from Being a Social Media Manager

Maira Sardea
Social Media Manager

5 Marketing Strategies to Get Noticed

 Lorena Acosta
CEO, Be Busy Being Awesome Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the Summit really FREE?  

Yes! You can watch all 25 pre-recorded interviews absolutely free.  

What do I get with my FREE admission ticket? 

25 Experts sharing their genius to help you step out, reinvent and launch your business. All interviews will be able for 12 hours.  

How do I watch all of the speakers? 

 Each day during the 3-day event, 8 to 9 guest speaker interviews will be broadcasted at one time. You choose the order you want to watch them. You won't want to miss any of them!   

What if I can't watch all the videos?   
For those who want extended access to the recordings, a VIP 
All-Access Pass is available.  

Your Summit Host
Wanda Brown
Wanda is an author, speaker and business coach for women. For the past 25 years, she has worked with some of the largest, global companies and most recognized brands to design and implement business strategies to grow, scale and transform businesses. Her work has generated over $100 million dollars for her clients. 

She is the CEO of Power Women Launch where she leverages what she learned from working with billion dollar clients to help career women finally launch a business they love and one that loves them back. 
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